Floating World: The Georgian Writing Desk, and Unfolding the Archive:Reprised and Reassessed two shows at Bank Street Arts Sheffield starting today.‏

Floating World: The Georgian Writing Desk, and Unfolding the Archive:Reprised and Reassessed two shows at Bank Street Arts Sheffield starting today.‏

The Georgian Writing Desk, 4th November – 5th December, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Andy Parsons work for The Georgian Writing Desk

Floating World are proud to be initiating The History Project for Bank Street Arts, an ongoing and mutable art installation investigating and responding to the rich history of the buildings on Bank Street and the surrounding area of Sheffield.

Beginning with the research by Dr Karen Harvey into the buildings’ history, past uses and the lives of those who have lived and worked there, Floating World have created new art works and artists books that will be contained in a beautiful Georgian writing desk which has been chosen as it reflects the period when the buildings first came into being. Presented in the form of a wunderkammer, the juxtaposition of works by 11 artists based in the UK, Ireland, and Japan seeks to encourage a sense of wonder in the viewer as they navigate and explore the desk, its draws and compartments.

The writing desk and its contents aims to create a series of narrative structures blending factual information, speculation, fiction and whimsy, dependent on personal discovery and interpretation. Throughout 2016 and beyond, more artists will be invited to contribute to the work leading to an ever changing combination of responses that will provide a rich resource for further creative work in the visual arts and writing

Participating artists:

Glenn Holman, Glynis Candler, Sarah Carne, Edwin Aitken, Simon Burton, James Fisher, Andy Parsons, Elizabeth Kinsella, Diane Henshaw, Niamh O’Connor, Hidehiko Ishibashi, Helen Sharp.

Unfolding the Archive:Reprised and Reassessed

4th November – 5th December at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, as part of OPENING UP THE BOOK 2015

As part of Opening up the Book, Floating World will be reprising their exhibition Unfolding the Archive held earlier in 2015 at the NCAD Gallery, Dublin and the F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio, Banbridge. Unfolding the Archive set out to investigate the archives at The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) and explore the richness of the archive as a starting point for the creation of new artworks.

In reprising this exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Floating World will focus specifically on artists books created for Unfolding the Archive, and present these alongside documentary information from each artist and the NIVAL collection that explores the processes and methodologies undertaken in the development of the work.

My Artists book Raft has been added to for this exhibition. Here’s a video of one copy being put together

Participating Artists are

Glenn Holman, Glynis Candler, Sarah Carne. Edwin Aitken, Simon Burton and James Fisher,Elizabeth Kinsella, Diane Henshaw, Niamh O’Connor and 
Hidehiko Ishibashi