Penny jar

Homemade and improvised

I am developing a series of paintings which explore the idea of the homemade and the improvised. They explore domestic/collaborative making.

Work develops from the idea of making artworks that celebrate the collaborative activities of making, mending and growing. The homemade and the improvised

The idea developed form  series of 35 mm slides I took of my Dads allotment in the English Midlands n the 1990s. The allotment was full of things that were mended re used recycled and patched together. Cds were placed on sticks to scare away birds. Ceramic pan tiles form buildings were used to protect the stems of young plants. Steel bars from my Uncle worked in a factory were uses as pegs and support. And at the centre of it all a shed that had been my Grandfathers, held together by a thousand patch up jobs. The rows of beanpoles made from bamboo poles lashed together with twine and string.

The paintings of plant pots developed in this context. Each was made by a member of my family, to plant things like radishes in. The shells were collected from the beach and each person decided how to arrange the different types and sizes of shells in design they liked.

It struck me that each pot was like a self-portrait, with it’s own characteristics. To render them in paint took time and patience, in the same way that making them took along long while.

How to make Beano Grigio