The simplicity of the pictures and the solitude of the scenes allude to German romantic painting as well as the work of Irish artists such as Yeats.

These recent works have all been created outside, painted from life in the manner of 19th Century Plein Air painting. The works have been produced in extreme conditions, snow, rain and violent winter storms.

The way the paintings and drawings have been made can be traced through the rough edges of the work, though the holes in the surfaces of drawings and all manner of flora and fauna stuck to the surfaces of the paintings.

The landscapes come from an intensive process of looking, many are the result of a prolonged series of revisions and re-drafts that can take up to a year.

“The notion of trying to make landscapes – outside – seems old fashioned, and this is deliberate. I have chosen this new approach as a conscious attempt to challenge the hegemony of the photographic image, and to reframe the making of art as a publicly visible activity.”